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Liquid Silicone Rubber for POP Mold Making

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A mold is the negative or hollow cavity produced around a sculpted piece for use in creating multiples of that piece. A cast is the positive or reproduction of the original piece of sculpture created by pouring casting material into a pre-formed mold.

When an Plaster of Paris model has been completed, reproductions of the piece are often needed as gifts, for display, even for sale. To make the reproduction, a mold and cast of the model must be made in one of a variety of casting mediums

Best known for standing up to production casting of


This article details the steps that we took throughout the mold making and casting process:

Step 1: Select a Mold Making Method & Mold Rubber

Step 2: Construct Mold Box & Prepare Sculpture

Step 3: Measure, Mix & Pour Silicone Mold Rubber

Step 4: Demold

Step 5: Cut the Mold

Step 6: Casting

Cat No. Grade Hardness Colour
BPOP15 Soft Hardness – Good for detailing 15 Shore Blue
BPOP20 Medium Hardness - Good for production and detailing 20 Shore White
BPOP25 Hard – Good for Production 25 Shore Green

Packing Size: 1kg , 10.5 kg and 21 kg


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