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Liquid Silicone Rubber for Shoe Mold making

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Liquid Silicon Rubber (With Curing Agent)

Manufacturers of Shoe commonly use Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) for making shoe mold. Unlike compression molding, the mold is first closed and then material is introduced into the cavities through a system of sprues, runners and sub-runners. Once the parts are cured, the mold is opened, parts are removed and the process repeats.

The Liquid Silicone Rubber Process

The uncured silicone starts off in two barrels — one marked Compound A and the other Compound B.

One barrel contains the cures, while the other holds an accelerant. These two substances are combined and kneaded by an external mixer in a one-to-one ratio, along with any color that is needed.

Benefits of LSR Molding

So why choose LSR for Shoe Molding Application?

Great resistance. Since LSR has high resistance to water, ozone and weather, LIM molding with this type of material gives excellent resistance properties.

Stability. LSR molds have stability with low compression set, the ability to resist extreme temperatures and can also be any color on the spectrum.

Cat No. Grade Hardness Colour
BLSSM10 Soft Hardness 10 Shore Green
BLSSM15 Medium Hardness 15 Shore Blue
BLSSM20 Hard 20 Shore White

Packing Size: 1kg , 10.5 kg and 21 kg


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